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28 Aug

because humidity makes me look gross and feel gross and summer clothes make me look gross and feel gross, i am very excited that fall is approaching. my brain is not in blog writing mode, hence my absence, so i’m going to list the hopes and dreams that motivate me to get out of bed in the morning.

pumpkin flavored everything, ESPECIALLY beer! it’s never too early. NEVER!!!

tights under skirts and dresses! most dresses and skirts are too short for me to wear without something underneath. beav shots aren’t my jam, at least right now.

blazers and pants! i have a few cute pieces i bought right as summer was beginning, so i am excited to finally wear them. i mean fun blazers, not worky ones. ew! i don’t want to wear blazers to work and encourage my bosses into thinking i want to dress up more for work. NO.

AUTUMN SMELLS! i realized recently that, if you sprinkle cinnamon on anything, even dookie or penis or limes, i’ll probably like it.

fall activities, like apple orchards and topsfield fair and being outside without melting and frizzing and sweating profusely!