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14 Jul

“once i turn 30 i’m going to write in my blog every day!”

– me on opposite day


i tackle the world’s most important topics, like instagram

7 Jul

my overall opinion on instagram is that it’s another fun, light way for me to kill time during my commute. i can take pictures of my feet when i’m bored and post it on the internet. when i find a spelling/grammar error that blows my brains out of my brain, i can post it on the internet. when i see a funny license plate, i can post it on the internet. for me, instagram is breezy and topical, and not at all a serious venture.

people get so hyper about instagram. i totally get it; cell phone photography and all its filters cripples real photography, everyone thinks they’re a photographer now, filters make ugly fat people look skinny and pretty, etc. that’s completely understandable. i personally like to see what i can do to simple photos by changing filters, but i don’t think i’m a photographic genius with a real eye for the arts. it’s solely a sorta fun, fleeting activity for my forced down time.

my husband is a real, legitimate photographer who went to and graduated from real photography school. people who took one photography class in high school, bought a DSLR, haven’t furthered their training, and consider themselves professionals get me irritated, but the expensive camera at least takes dedication. cell phone photogs are the worst, i know, and i totally appreciate the opinion of anyone who hates instagram because of that. BUT…

instagram can be okay when used properly. if you don’t like a hazy shot of someone’s elbow or a shadow of a fence, don’t follow that person on instagram. follow people that post things you like. i enjoy comedy; i follow my favorite funny people. if you like pictures of flowers, find people who post pictures of flowers and follow them. you don’t like hipsters? don’t follow hipsters. they are the worst at this shit. i do not enjoy food porn; i do not follow people who post pictures of their shitty dinners.

more thoughts on food porn: congratulations, you prepared a meal! you did one adult thing today, let’s ALERT THE MEDIA. you are a real national treasure. oh, wow, you’re at a restaurant and there’s food on your plate! make sure you also caption it #worldhungerfund. i am not impressed, nor do i feel sexual about your food. i do not want to engage in sexual intercourse with your scampi. show me a picture of a hot dog in the middle of a roast beef sandwich and then we’ll talk about the definition of food porn.

basically, like all social media, instagram is what you make it. yes, there are people who think they are super excellent photographers because they can use the nashville filter and blur the edges. DON’T PAY ATTENTION TO THEM. in the same way that you can hide/unsubscribe from people in your facebook news feed that complain too much or say stupid shit, you can elect to not follow aggravating “photographers” on instagram. better yet, you can not use instagram, but just don’t denounce all people who do.

for people saying, “but it’s deteriorating real photography,” remember that nobody is using a fucking samsung cell phone camera to document their entire wedding, and it isn’t some iphone superdiva taking photos of your kids with the laser beam background on school picture day. important shit is taken care of with legitimate photography; boredom is documented with the frivolity that is instagram.